Thursday, April 24, 2008

Below is the Etsy Team Template, this is just other stuff. :)

The Etsy Team Template is what we need to fill out to become a really, real street team. I've filled in parts of it but I want to hear from you before I go the rest of the way.

Also, to help us keep each other straight (cause signing Amy at the bottom of your email or post or whatever is just not going to cut it here! hehe), when you reply to anything Team Amy related, please do it with your name & then your shop name. Like this, Amy - AlwaysAmy or something similar. This will make it a smidgen easier to keep track of who is who. Maybe. Well, we've got to try something! haha

Anyhoo, here is the first step of the Street Team & I am hoping to get input from most of you so we can take this step together.

& I am thinking of changing the blogs url to Right now it is on my AlwaysAmy blog account & I am afraid of things getting confused. So be ready for that, just in case.

Amy - AlwaysAmy

P.S. The blog isn't always going to look this bad! haha This is just so we can all get some quick info & get things going. I will have it looking beautiful & Amy-tastic by the end of the weekend, I promise!
Name: Amys in the Arts


Profile: Our goal is to help all Amys promote, meet & succeed in their Etsy endeavors! We are Amys of all spellings & all mediums, working & having fun together while we help each other promote & better our Etsy shops.

AlwaysAmy, theheartofaseed

To Join: To be eligible to join the Amys in the Arts Street Team you must be an Amy or an Amie or an Ammie or an Aimie or well, you get the picture!

You must be able to keep at least 10 items in your shop at all times & at least 1/2 of them must be handmade by your Amy hands.

All Amys must add a little bit about the Amys in the Arts Street Team to their profiles. & keep no less then 5 times in their shop tagged with 'Team Amy' all the time!

All members must participate in at least one weekly sale per month! Though you can make that sale anything you'd like from: free shipping, to free secret good. It's up to you! & post that sale in the 'Amys in the Arts' Promo thread.

All Amys must also be willing to swap promotional goodies (business cards, buttons, samples, whatever) at least twice a year, more if you choose to.

Links: BLOG Amys in the Arts Flickr Group

Members: (If you don't see your name here, if I've spelled it wrong or anything else, & you are sure you want to be part of this ST, please let me know) AlwaysAmy, AmyEsther, AmyGiacomelli, amylange, amyburgessjewelry, amysfunkyfibers, amyjoshandmade, AmyLouSew, Amyliz, amieking, amylynnecrossdesigns, amyzo, theheartofaseed, amyd, amybeanjenkins, amyadair, amywyatt

We host weekly sales in the promo section where all Amy's can offer specials, coupons, freebies or whathaveyou. We have a bi-monthly swap promo via an email list. & we are even working on some Amy Creative Challenges just for group members.