Friday, December 12, 2008

SewArtsy's Featured Amy

amybean: comfy AND cozy

You've got to check out Amy's shop to believe it - incredible plush items for the adventurous in spirit! Wonderfully detailed plush robots inhabit Amy's shop. Showing the softer side of the robot nation, her new series finds them in their pajamas of all things! I am partcularly drawn to the beefy bods of the Lucha Robots, myself. This talented artist displays her love of lucha, her fasination with cryptozoology, and her skill at all things plush. I love the way she turns her "seemingly" everyday iems into artistic presentations in the way she presents her scarves and hats in her shop. It's like a gift right there on the screen!

I always love to hear the latest stories about mysterious cryptid sightings, so my favorite items in her store are the BigfootZ(tm) Doll and the Bigfoot Sighting Onsie!

Find Amy and her work at:, cozy rampage, cozy robot, and the needle. Check her out!

Happy Friday

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