Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amys Challenge Winner!

Congratulations are due to AREJewellery for winning our latest Amys Challenge with her mermaid inspired ribbon brooch . Way to go!

Introducing Amy Jenkins, Cozy Rampage

Want to get to know us Amys better?
Here continues a series of getting-to-know-you interviews.
Next up: Amy Jenkins of Cozy Rampage

How long have you been an artist, and how long have you been active as a business artist?
I've been a professional artist for over 25 years, and started my first business in 1996.

Are you an artist full time?
Part time each Artist/Housewife

Who or what inspires you to create?

Describe your work space.
I have moved and had many spaces over the years. At the present, I have a dedicated room in my house for extreme crafting- 3 sewing machines, Dremel set, bins of fabrics and projects, hand tools. The larger tools (drill press, sander) are in the next room, which is also the garage. The electronics toolkit has migrated upstairs into the office to be closer to the computers.

What kinds of things do you like to do in your free time?
Read, ride my bicycle, cook, mix fancy cocktails

What is your favorite handmade item, made by you or given to you?
I have a killer wooden carving of a buzzard that I purchased at a roadside stand in Jamaica in 1971.

What does being an Amy mean to you?
I am beloved! And a good friend to many.

Want to learn more about Amy Jenkins? Check out this interview here! And find more Amy at, Twitter, and Etsy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

November Amys Free Gift With Purchase!

This November, when you purchase from any of the Amys listed below, you can receive a free gift with purchase. All you have to do is enter "AmyNovPromo" in the comment section when you check out! When your purchased items arrive, you'll find a surprise inside, courtesy of your respective Amy. Check out our shops for fabulous items, and be the recipient of a little something extra this month!

Amy's Body Decor
Handmade by Amy
Room Doodles

*Promotion runs 11/1/09-11/30/09

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Introducing Amy Olszak, Handmade by Amy

Want to get to know us Amys better?
Next up in our series of getting-to-know-you interviews.
Amy Olszak of Handmade by Amy

How long have you been an artist, and how long have you been active as a business artist?
I’ve been an artist all my life, for as long as I can remember. My mom stayed home to raise my sister and I, and we were always doing some kind of crafty project. Even when I went off to school, while I was majoring in the practical business field I always had at least one art class each semester to keep my sanity, and I ended up with an Art minor. I started scrapbooking in college and that lead to creating handmade cards. Friends started asking me to make cards for them and encouraged me to sell my creations. It wasn’t until 2007 that I began really selling my cards to the public, and I still get really excited when I get an order from a part of the world I haven’t previously sold to. I’m up to 13 different countries!

Are you an artist full time?
I started out with my business part time while working a full time job, but I went full time as of June 2008, selling both on Etsy and locally. Now, with the birth of my first baby this April I’m back to part time, as I now have the job of full time mommy! Because I have less time, my business has developed into more graphic design and less of the intricately handmade cards I used to make. My biggest selling items are address labels. I started making them for myself, as I love to decorate my mail, and I had no idea how popular they’d be when I started offering them in my Etsy shop!

Besides our new baby boy, we also have four furry children – a beautiful, energetic white boxer named Lola, and three cats: Gracie, Cumin and Figaro. We always said our house was a zoo, and ironically, our baby boy’s initials spell ZOO! With such a chaotic and busy life right now, I’m trying to simplify my business life. So this year for the first time I’m selling custom digital files for Christmas cards. Buyers purchase the digital file and can print as many cards as they’d like from home or send the file anywhere they choose to get printed. They can often find cheaper printing alternatives this way. Though I will still offer printed cards for those who want them.

Who or what inspires you to create?
I think most artists would tell you that they’re inspired by pretty much everything! Love, life, family, nature… the important thing is to pay attention to the world around you.

Describe your work space.
I used to have a whole room in our house devoted to my art and crafts. When our baby was born I had to compromise so now share our home office with my husband. It’s a little more cramped, but I have a window that looks outside as well as pictures and artwork to keep it inspiring. Most days you’ll actually find me on the couch, with a baby in my arms and trying to type one-handed on my laptop.

What kinds of things do you like to do in your free time?
Free time? What’s that?! With an infant it’s hard just to find time for my business, though we do enjoy getting outside and spending time in nature – at a lake, hiking or just sitting in the yard watching the leaves blow in the breeze. I also still love to scrapbook.

What is your favorite handmade item, made by you or given to you?
My favorite item I have made recently is probably the set of three monkey paintings I did for my baby boy’s nursery. They’re fun and colorful and though I had no idea at the time, I now see they match my son’s personality perfectly! I also now fully appreciate my mommy cards I make and also sell in my Etsy shop. (A mommy card is like a business card for the hip and modern mom) They’re so handy, especially for us new moms who attend a lot of mom groups and play dates. When I meet another mom, instead of scribbling my contact information on a scrap of paper found deep in my diaper bag I hand this cute card that not only has my contact info but the names of people in my family. I get compliments on them all the time!

What does being an Amy mean to you?
I always loved my name and felt it suited me well. I believe an Amy to be fun-loving and someone who enjoys life; someone who surrounds themselves with loved ones and gives of themselves without expecting anything in return. The glass is always half full to an Amy.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Introducing Amy Juhasz, Chicy Creations

Want to get to know us Amys better?
Here's the first in a series of getting-to-know-you interviews.
First up: Amy Juhasz of Chicy Creations

How long have you been an artist, and how long have you been active as a business artist?
I have loved sewing and crafting since I was about 10. My grandma taught me how to make a quilt and from there I was always wanting to sew things. After I had my daughter in 2007, I started making hair bows, dresses, onesies, burp cloths, and other sewn goodies. In early 2008 I started thinking about selling some handmade items, and opened an etsy shop in April and started selling hair bows. Over the last year and a half I've added headbands, beanies, tutus, onesies and some day hope to work up the courage to add a few dresses here and there.

Are you an artist full time?
My first and most important job is being a full time mom. My daughter will be 2 Christmas Eve and we are expecting baby girl #2 in early March. She keeps me busy, but during nap time and at night I craft away, creating new items and filling orders.

Who or what inspires you to create?
My daughter, I'm always finding new ribbon to match new outfits of hers and whenever I create something I really love, I pass it on to my customers.

Describe your work space.
We have a spare room I'm lucky enough to use for working in. Nothing fancy, a couple desks and shelves.

What kinds of things do you like to do in your free time?
These days it feels like I don't have much free time, but when I do, I love to spend it with my family. In the spring we love a good hike. We also love to travel, short or long trips, we love it! I am also perfectly content spending an evening at home with a pizza and movie with my hubby and daughter on the couch. I do love to read, but find it hard to finish a book anymore!

What is your favorite handmade item, made by you or given to you?
Oh this is a tough one! I have so many things I love, I'm a sucker for handmade...but first thing that comes to mind is a crochet beanie I ordered from AvaLoos on Etsy for my daughter. I love it. I'm going to have to order one for me and the next little one I think!

What does being an Amy mean to you?
Growing up I had a love/hate relationship with my name. There weren't many other girls named Amy at my school...I also felt it was too boring and short, I never really appreciated that it wasn't all that common in my area. Since then I've "embraced" it and couldn't picture myself being anyone other than Amy.

Shop address:
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Twitter: @chicycreations

Friday, October 9, 2009

Amys Challenge Competition - Please Vote!

The Amys have been set a challenge! The challenge was to make something that fitted the theme of:

'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside'

Here are the entries. Please vote for your favourite in the comments below!

Sewartsy made this Lighthouse reusable giftbag.

These Mommy Business cards are by amyzo.

This seashells fabric tote bag is by Amy305

Mermaid inspired ribbon brooch by AREjewellery.

This Underwater Sisters clutch is by Adoration

Tough choice?! Please vote in the comments below and do check out the Amys' shops! Voting closes Friday 16th October.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh My Goodness!

Amys... do you realize how long it's been since anyone spoke up around here?

Anyway, I just wanted hop on here and show off my latest pixel painting. I call it Four Geeks... if you watch much TV, you can probably guess what it's inspired by! I'll be selling prints in my Etsy shop as soon as they become available.

Also, for those with the inclination toward video games, I'll be giving away a piece of video game art soon over at Head over yourself or pass it along to an interested friend--all you have to do to be eligible for the contest is join the forums.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plush Doll Giveaway!

It sure has been quiet around here, Amys!

Anyhow, it's time for the Cozy Rampage toy giveaway contest on There's a long and probing interview followed by a comments list, which is ripe and ready for your entry! The entry that makes me laugh the loudest wins the prize. You have until midnight on May 24th to enter.

Everyone on the planet is invited to the contest and good luck to you all!