Saturday, March 13, 2010

Introducing Amy Bailey, Amys Body Decor

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I feel like I've been an artist my whole life. Art was always my favorite class in school. I've always enjoyed altering my store bought items to make them more "me"! For as long as I can remember I have made my own cards and feel they are more special and personalized coming straight from my heart! As a child I loved making friendship bracelets for my friends but have only recently been making jewelry using crystals, wire and chain. I got interested in this field of jewelry while pregnant w/ my third child and needed an object of all my pregnant creative juices! What started out as gifts turned into friends and family buying my pieces and everyone said, "you should sell on Etsy!" So here I am today, still a newbie on Etsy, trying to turn my hobby into an extra source of income as I am a stay at home Mommy of three. With two still in diapers every little bit helps!

My daughter is the biggest inspiration behind all my jewelry. She is very much a girly girl who loves to dress up and I enjoy decorating her! My kids are the reason for my being and I spend all my free time with them and my husband. We are a very close family and that is extremely important to me. I love playing with my kids and helping them learn and grow. My favorite handmade item would have to be all the art my daughter makes. She loves to draw and makes an awesome Spongebob! At her young age of 4 it's amazing to see how much close attention she gives to all the little details.

The name Amy is simple and sweet and I feel that sums up my personality! I love my family and friends and thoroughly enjoy seeing my pieces worn and loved!

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