Monday, October 31, 2011

Introducing Amy Barber of EllaSueDesigns

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How long have you been an artist, and how long have you been active as a business artist?
I have crafted since I was in the 5th grade when I taught myself how to cross stitch. I scrapbook, embordary, and sew. I started working with yarn about 4 years ago. My husband and I were trying to get pregant and the medication made me very sick. I needed something to take my mind off things I could do sitting on the couch. I got a Boye, Teach Yourself to Crochet Kit and the rest is history. Now I am addicted to yarn. I have since taught myself to knit. It has only been a business for me since the Spring of 2011. I started doing custom orders, then decided to go on etsy.

Are you an artist full time?
I am a wife and mother full time. In between doing that, I do my craft. Sometimes I forget and put it first; my husband helps remind me, lol.

Who or what inspires you to create?
My daughter, I make a great deal for her, hats, legwarmers, sweaters. She gets so excited when I make something new. I make a lot of my own designs so they fit her better. I also like to look at magazines and Pinterest and see what others are doing.

Describe your work space.
I have a craft room, but my husband says I have a craft house. I have a place it is suppose to go, but I like being with my family, so it usually ends up in the living room or our bedroom. I am very messy. I know where most things are, but I like to work and not be bothered by the clean up until a project is done. The problem is I have so many on going projects.

What kinds of things do you like to do in your free time?
I crochet and knit. I know that is my "work" but I love it. I do not go anywhere without yarn. My three-year-old daughter always ask if I have my yarn purse when we go out the door. I also like to watch old movies and read.

What is your favorite handmade item, made by you or given to you?
I have two crocheted blankets my grandmother made me when I was born. We used them when our daughter was born. I love the heritage of that.

What does being an Amy mean to you?
I always liked being an Amy. It was a popular name when I was in school, but I liked that it was simple and down to earth.

I live in the country, am learning to embrace my life as a stay at home mom. I was a professional for half of my life until this summer, but I like the simple life of making my own dish soap and cooking eggs from our chickens. Having my art and creativity has helped my make the transition this year. I am able to find purpose in simple things, even a string of yarn my daughter uses as a "rope" for her Barbies.

twitter: drabarber
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etsy: ellasuedesigns
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