Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Featured Amy: Amy Esther Ceramics

The next Amy in my Amy series:

Amy Esther Ceramics

I find that I instantly warm up upon entering Amy Esther's Etsy store. Warm and rich pieces of wheel-thrown pottery adorn the walls of her shop. Take a browse and you'll see what I mean!

This 25 year old from Rochester, NY who currently lives, writes and throws in Philadelphia, spends her evenings creating her beautiful pottery pieces with her own modern take on ancient African designs. Time spent studying abroad in Botswana led her to an apprenticeship which would instill a love for pottery she brought back to the states with her. You'd expect to find bowls, cups and vases in a shop like this, which you will, but you can also find gems such as pendants, magnets and votive holders. The deeper you look, the more you'll fall in love!

Having a love, myself, for all things African, I just adore the Elegant Gold Vase. I love the authenticity of the design, and the peaceful feeling I get looking at it. Amy is presently accepting custom orders for the holidays until October 20, so act quickly! Her pieces will make great gifts for any occasion!

Checkout Amy's Etsy profile to learn more about her, and check out her blog, too, In the Night Kitchen!

Happy Wednesday! Amy

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