Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School with AREJewellery

Generally School for me was always a bit of a bind. I liked to rebel as I’m not the best at being told what to do. I rebelled as much as I could get away with as my school was fee-paying and selective. In that way I was lucky and had a privileged education. That doesn’t mean to say I appreciated it at the time! My school was literally two minutes from my house but that didn’t stop me from always being late. I was never the worst and never the best. In fact in all the important exams I did I seemed to achieve a Grade B. For my exams that would get me in to university all my teachers were concerned. I wasn’t. I knew I could do what was needed in the exam, it was just my attitude to homework was to do as little as I could get away with! I think the problem was I never found my niche. In a way I’m still not sure I have.

My school was tiny, in fact in my last two years I was the only pupil studying Geography! We had a uniform which, obviously, I hated. What child doesn’t hate their school uniform? It was a tartan skirt, shirt, tie and blazer. I must have been told to tuck my shirt in a thousand times – there’s that rebellious streak again. Or as one teacher described me ‘belligerent’.

The only subject I liked was P.E. I was always on the sports teams and often the captain. I loved rounders, netball, football, swimming... all sports really.

Looking back, school is like the best of times and the worst of times. For a bit of a laugh I thought you might like to see this, yep, that’s me. Not a very flattering photo as I seem to be blinded by the sun! It’s the first day at my new school and it’s my brother’s first day of school – he went to a different one hence the different uniforms. That satchel looks nearly as big as me and I already seem to have lost my tie – great start!

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