Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Favorite Time of Year by Amy B, Amigami

My favorite time of year is the half-weird month or so of summer warmth once school starts. Before the leaves turn and nights get cold again and fall officially begins. The ice cream truck still runs. Neighbors are still obsessed with lawn care rituals. But the pace of life is changing all around us, and it hangs thick in the air like the creeping morning dew. Needless to say, days become quieter. I think that's what I like most. After a childhood spent "going back to school," it's almost like being left in a theme park after hours, getting to ride that coaster one more time before you're kicked out.

This time is punctuated by Labor Day, the culturally observed end of summer. It marks the closing of seasonal day wasters such as swimming pools and the aforementioned theme parks. The drive-in limits its double features to weekends only, then ceases altogether. With the days growing colder with each passing sunset, and the children newly preoccupied with matters of education, these establishments begin to fade away. My birthday also comes at this point of the year, providing me with a justifiable excuse for one last celebration before summer disappears entirely. Pretty soon sidewalks will crinkle with dead leaves and life once again slows to a more hibernatory pace.

Amy B,

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