Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introducing Amy Sellers, SnuggleVillage

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I don't know how long I have been an artist. I have always been making fun things that I love since I was little. I learned how to crochet a few years ago. I was at a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado and saw a crocheted koozie that had a strap to hang it around your neck. I asked everyone where I could get one because I thought it was the neatest little accessory for tailgating. I googled it and googled it. I finally went to the store and got a crochet hook and some yarn. I watched youtube.com tutorials until I was happy with the quality of my little accessory. My friends started asking me to make them for them in their college colors as it was a neat scarf like accessory that worked as a koozie. I decided to call them Skoozies. I was told about etsy and now I am here selling them through my snuggle village page and also through custom orders at drinkhandsfree@gmail.com.

I do this full time as I have moved to West Virginia for my boyfriend's job and there are not any jobs here for me. In Colorado I was working for the Integer Group - on sweepstakes for MillerCoors and promotions for P&G. Now I work in our spare room that has been made into a very girlie creative room with lots of windows with views of apalachia.

I also love to cook and I usually watch Aarti paarti episodes on youtube while crocheting because I love her cooking style and she is very entertaining. If you have not discovered her youtube videos yet, I highly recommend them if you love to cook new and interesting foods! Also in my spare time I like to quilt, hike, drink wine, go see live music, travel, hang out with my grandmother, thrift shop, tour old mansions, estate sales, run, ride my bike, and take afternoon naps.

My favorite handmade items are those I have saved from my mother. She passed away in 1982 of a rare lung disease and she was also a quilter/crafter. I have a lot of her handmade things. In fact, when I was 22 years old (now 34), I met my friend Katie. We felt as though we had known each other forever. It was strange how we began hanging out every day and were inseperable. She ended up mentioning it to her mother Sally one day. Sally couldn't believe that Katie and I had found each other. Sally and my mother were friends when Katie and I were babies into toddlers. It turned out we had played together as small children and then lost touch once my mother had passed when I was five. Sally gave me a box full of handmade items my mother had made for her as gifts. Now Katie is getting married THIS Sunday and I made her a quilt. This quilt is special. I asked her mother to give me the names and addresses of all women invited to be in or attend the wedding. Each woman made a quilt square with the directions I sent them. I got 90 of them and assembled the quilt; I am now working on the quilting of it. I hope to have it done by Wednesday as I fly out Thursday to be in the wedding with Katie on Sunday. I would have to say this is going to be my favorite handmade item made by me.

Being an AMY is super fun. I love hearing Amie, the Pure Prarie League song and the Once in Love with Amy song. I like that one letter is at the beginning, one letter in the middle and one is at the end of the alphabet. I am also in love with COWS... if you go two letters from the letter C you get A, two letters from O you get M, two letters from W you get Y. COW and AMY are pretty close. I know, I have had a lot of time to think about it. I also like that my address is 269 and that is A-M-Y on a phone. I was named after my great grandmother, Amy Elizabeth and I always ask every Amy I meet what their middle name is. As you can tell about me... I like finding similarities and coincidences; some call it syncronicity.


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